Cuvée Anniversaire Secret d’Histoire

1925 – 2020

95 ans

This wine is a tribute to the 51 founding members of the Saint-Gély cooperative.

It was in 1925 that the first harvest took place thanks to the will of President Fernand Ressaire and manager Charles Rouquette.

To develop this bottle and its dressing, we used the first register of the cellar, thus appearing on the label the names of the first cooperators and cooperators.

Its blend is typical of the Côtes du Rhône (Syrah and Grenache) with a particular plot selection on vines over 35 years old.

This gives a racy wine with its beautiful deep color and a sumptuous nose.

It delights us with its seductive and aromatic palate.

With its fine and elegant tannins, it is THE wine to offer for special occasions.

Do not hesitate to let it age, it will suit it perfectly.


10.40€ the bottle (75 cl)

Bottling at the property

Purchasing this product at the cellar will give you 2 points/bottle on your loyalty card.