Our cellar was built in 1924, with two extensions (1954 and 1964 – visible dates on facades) by Leenhard Edmond : architect DLPG in Montpellier, Professor to the School of Fine Arts in Paris.

But his domain of exercise is very vast : Coopérative cellars, private hospitals, posts, buildings of education, cheap houses and monuments.

As regards our vineyard, of part our situation : placed on the border of the Gard and the Ardèche, we undergo a climate of Mediterranean type with and argilo-calcareous ground.

The alternation of the warm days and the frech nights are ideal for a good maturation of the grape.

We privilege a good production to assurea good wine making, select our grapes to allow to create you of pleasure.

We are meadows of  80 co-workers. Their currency : all for each, each for all.

Furthermore, our cooperative in this peculiarity to produce some biological wine.

Our range of wine adapts itself to all your envy and opportunities :

Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Village,

Vin de Pays, Cuvée Oxsalys (Organic).

We also propose you bag-in cublicle and bulk wine. Free tasting and advice and loyalty card.



9 h - 12 h // 13 h 30 - 17 h 30


9 h - 12 h // 14 h - 18 h

Closed Sunday and public holiday

July/August : 10 h - 12 h // 15 h - 19 h


Chemin de la Bastide - Hameau de Saint-Gély - 30630 Cornillon

Phone. 04 66 82 21 03 // Fax. 04 66 82 32 94

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Welcome to the Celar of the Vignerons de St-Gély

The Cellar


1925-2015 : 90 YEARS