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But not until the mid-19th century did “Côste du Rhône” become “Côtes du Rhône”, when the term was extended to include the vineyards on the left bank of the river

Viticulture is a long-standing tradition, deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture. The passion of the winemakers is clearly reflected in the widely quality of the wines. 

The link between the Cévennes, the Rhône valley and Ardèche, the Cèze river flows from West to East, sometimes impétuous, sometimes as meek as a lamb.

Heres a hint - the three villages in the Gard which have been ranked as "Most Beautiful Villages of France" are in the Cèze river valley (Montclus, La-Roque-sur-Céze et Aiguèze).

Le Gard it is celebration and spécial events : Arts de la Voix, Visites Insolites, Histoires de clocher, Balade théâtrale et musicale, Bagnols Blues Festival...

The vineyard "Les vignerons de Saint-Gély" is ideally situated to satisfy your desires.